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Shepherd’s Meadow German Shepherd Kennel Facility

If you’re looking for a German Shepherd then you probably already know that this breed loves to run, jump, exercise and play. What better place for them to feel at home than Shepherd’s Meadow, a 50-acre private facility located in Daytona Beach, Florida. At Shepherd’s Meadow our pups and adults have plenty of room to play, exercise and learn. We take pride in our dogs and treat them as members of our family.

That’s Me! Mike, Kennel Owner and Breeder with my German Shepherds.

Whelping boxes are always clean and puppy friendly.

Pups are always given individual time and love.

Puppy kisses are started at a young age. 🙂

German Shepherds like water, and they get plenty of swim time at the facility.

All pups get socialized. Here my nephew Zache is working this little pups prey drive. Think we have great family protecter in the making. 🙂

Pups enjoy running in a pack. Most of their socializing skills are with each other. I learn much about my pups temperaments not only by testing but by how they interact amongst each other. These first 8 weeks are crucial in their development. At Shepherd’s Meadow they have the perfect environment.


New Puppy Play Pen

Our new pen houses our litters securely and comfortably.