Nico Z VojankyNico Z Vojanky

Nico is a solid black male imported from Europe. His hip and elbow rating is excellent (0/0 rating) Nico has very good structure without over angulation. He is large boned, with a massive head. He has great nerves and is a very solid animal. Nico’s temperament is awesome. He is great with other animals and loves children.  He was used in police work in Europe.

Zucchero Vom Venusmond

Zucchero Vom Venusmond

Zucchero is a beautiful black and red male imported from Germany. His pedigree is show lines. He has produced excellent pups in color, structure and temperament. Zucchero has a great personality, he gets along well with other animals and people.

Gambo z Jan-Ru




Gambo’s pedigree is exceptional. Having Top German Working Lines “Salztablick combined with ” Phoranicni Straze” working lines as well. He is extremely confident and protective when needed. He is good with other animals and small children.


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  • GSD Fun Fact

    German Shepherds make excellent family dogs because although they may pick one person as their "special" person, they relate well to all family members.

    If they are raised with children, they will develop an abundance of tolerance to the grabbing, poking tiny fingers of your kids. Although German Shepherd's have a natural ability to take into consideration ease in playing with children, visit the FAQ and Puppy Care sections for more information on how to puppy proof your home.

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